Eat to run

This a great post from my cousin that reminds me think about how we think bout our bodies and the messages that we receive about food and our bodies.


Sometime in high school my friends and I started saying that we ran/worked out so much so that we could eat as much as we wanted. It was our play on the old “there are people who eat to live and those who live to eat.” I knew then that I am a person who lives to eat. I had also found my eating buddy — my bestie — the person who has a similar intense love of food and cooking to my own. When you find that person, I believe you should keep them close. Close for us meant eating together and running together.
While on my run today I thought about that quip that we had. It followed us through high school and college and into adult hood. In my early 20s, meeting someone for lunch, hoping off my bike I would say “no salad for me, I’ll…

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