BIG Family

I have a big family. No seriously, I mean a BIG family.

There are 6 children in my family, so that right there my family is probably bigger than your average family. Start counting up spouses and children and it keeps on growing. My parents have 13 grandchildren, and they are now getting older and having spouses of their own.

But my family doesn’t stop there. My mom has 3 siblings and on her side of the family alone I have 14 first cousins. Which is big, but they are not the kind of first cousins who I see only randomly and on rare occasion. They are first cousins who I still know very well and, for the most part, see on a regular basis.

I am very fortunate that when we were growing up we had a family place where we could all go. My grandfather bought a lake house where we spent a lot of time during the summer. You never had to worry about going to someone else’s house. It was a shared place that we all took responsibility for. Everyone just went whenever they could. Which for me meant almost every weekend of the summer.

The 14 of us cousins were close growing up. But that only accounts for some of the cousins I had. My mom’s aunts and uncles, and her cousins also came to the lake house during the summer. Not as frequently, but still fairly regularly and always for the 4th of July.

The 4th of July at the lake was a big tradition. We had an annual lobster/ clambake. I’ve only missed it once in my life. My relatives would come from all over. Sometimes we would only see these relatives at the lake for the clambake, but we knew that once a year we would all get together.

And the tradition still continues. This year, if you live on the east coast you would know there was an extra uninvited guest on the 4th of July, hurricane Arthur. Despite the rain and the fact that the best part of being at the lake is being outside, we still had our clambake. Not everyone could make it, but many of us did

Let me try to put into perspective just how big my family is. Despite the fact that my brother (who does the ordering of the lobsters) did a pretty accurate count of who would be there and who would eat lobster, we had 20 extra lobsters. Yes, I said 20 extra lobsters.

Yeah, I have a big family.



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