I hate Saturdays

I hate Saturdays. I know, that sounds crazy, awful and probably very strange to most people, but it’s true, I hate Saturdays. It’s because that is that day that I have to share my son with his dad. It sounds selfish, but I don’t like sharing. And I don’t like having to deal with my ex. So, therefore, I don’t like Saturdays.

I had to go back to court (again) the other day to finalize our “sharing” agreement. It was horrible. Parceling out which day I will get to have him with me this year, and which day he will be with his dad. Of course we both want him for all of the holidays, which I guess is a good thing, but then one of us misses out for each holiday we don’t have him with us.

It felt so petty. Chopping up the days: you get him Christmas morning, I get him Christmas night; you have him 4th of July in even years, I get him 4th of July for odd years. It feels like he becomes a non-entity in this. When does he get to make decisions about where he wants to be for the holidays? When does he get to decide where he wants to sleep at night? When did my life become about parceling out my son, and dreading Saturdays?

The good and the bad news of the final (I hope) court date is that we now have everything “set”. Bad news is he sleeps away from me every other weekend. Good news is he stays with me on alternate weekends. Bad news is I have to share holidays. (Have I mentioned I don’t like sharing?) Good news is he has a dad who cares about him and wants to be in his life. Bad news is, now instead of hating Saturdays, I hate every other weekend…


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