Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. The inspiration from this blog has come from my life and the amazing people who are in my life. I am, for the second time in my life, going through a divorce. It hasn’t been pleasant and certainly not where I thought I would be 10 years ago when I got married, but life sometimes takes us to different places than we might have expected.

I have chosen to write this blog to share my life and my experiences with people in the hopes of someone else reading this and saying, “Yeah, I can relate to that.” I happen to have several friends who are currently going through divorce and while it is definitely not a pleasant experience, it is nice to have someone who understands and relates to what you are going through.

That being said, this blog isn’t about relationships (I’m not very good at those), or divorce (I’m getting unfortunately more skilled at those) or even advise (I’m pretty good at giving, but terrible at following) but really its about life and finding something to smile about in the everyday things that happen in life.

Enjoy! And tell me about yourself and what makes you inspired, or even just what makes you smile.

Mary Fran


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